Valorant: 10 Best Agents To Play Solo

Valorant is a blast when playing with friends, but sometimes you’ll find yourself queuing solo. The absence of communication and coordination can make strategizing on the fly difficult when paired with unfamiliar teammates. To overcome these challenges and ensure a satisfying experience, it’s wise to select agents who excel in solo play and contribute to the team’s overall success.

The following top 10 agents, equipped with unique abilities, will help you thrive in demanding situations without solely depending on team support.

1. Reyna: The Solo Powerhouse

Reyna shines when played solo, as her healing abilities come in handy when support is lacking. Her blinds can aid team rushes, but you’ll need to win aim duels and maintain accuracy to maximize her potential. Otherwise, playing Reyna might not be worthwhile.

2. Jett: The Agile Frag Hunter

Jett’s popularity makes her a great solo queue choice. Her dash, updraft, and smokes enable quick rushes and fragging opportunities. Her ultimate can turn the tide during Eco rounds with limited credits or when pushing a site aggressively.

3. Omen: The Unpredictable Controller

Omen’s versatility allows for chaos even in solo play. His abilities work well on most maps, contributing to team success. Quick teleportation with Shrouded Step catches opponents off-guard, while Dark Cover and Paranoia offer tactical advantages. His ultimate enables teleportation anywhere on the map.

4. Phoenix: The Self-Sufficient Duelist

Phoenix is an excellent solo queue option with self-healing and aggressive abilities. Flashes facilitate site entries, and his wall and molly aid map control. His “Run it Back” ultimate quickly takes over sites but requires teammate protection while respawning.

5. KAY/O: The Robotic Initiator

KAY/O’s abilities make him a force for solo carry potential. ZERO/POINT suppresses and reveals enemies, while FLASH/DRIVE blinds opponents for pushes. FRAG/MENT assists with post-plant situations, and NULL/CMD disables enemy abilities for straightforward aim duels.

6. Chamber: The Underestimated Sentinel

Despite his nerf, Chamber remains a fun and viable solo agent. Headhunter nets frags, and Tour De Force functions like an improved Operator. Trademark watches for flanks, and Rendezvous enables escape from dangerous angles.

7. Skye: The Lone Wolf Initiator

Skye’s kit excels in solo queuing. Her abilities handle tricky angles and rushes without team support. Flashes enable safer peeks, while Trail Blazer provides crucial enemy location intel. Skye becomes a game-changer in skilled hands.

8. Raze: The Explosive Duelist

If you enjoy challenging movements, Raze is a top pick. Her Paint Shells and Boom Bot abilities rank her among Valorant’s best duelists, helping secure kills for the team. Showstopper ultimate can eliminate multiple enemies at once, making Raze an ideal solo agent.

9. Sage: The Battle Sage

Battle Sage is suitable for Competitive or Unrated solo play. Supporting other agents is preferred, but her self-healing, wall, and other abilities prove beneficial in tight situations without reliable teammates.

10. Cypher: The Stealthy Lurker

Cypher’s lurking potential in Valorant is perfect for solo play. His abilities aid the team during defense and holding sites alone, making him an outstanding Sentinel. Trapwires, cages, and cameras provide valuable intel and control over enemy movements.


Armed with these agents, you can dominate solo queue games and enjoy an engaging experience even without the support of your regular team. By understanding each agent’s strengths and weaknesses, you can adapt your playstyle accordingly to achieve maximum impact in solo games.

By familiarizing yourself with these additional agents, you will be better equipped to handle various situations in solo queue games. Your ability to adapt and capitalize on the unique skills of each agent will enable you to rise above the challenges of playing alone and contribute significantly to your team’s victories.

Remember that communication remains essential even in solo queue games. Make an effort to share valuable information with your teammates and work together whenever possible. By doing so, you can create a more enjoyable experience for yourself and your team, increasing your chances of success in Valorant.