Fortnite Update v24.20: New Weapons, Battle Pass Items, and Map Changes

The latest Fortnite update has just dropped, bringing new weapons, Battle Pass items, and significant updates to some of your favorite weapons. This article will cover the exciting additions and changes that Epic Games has in store for players.

Map Changes

1. Edgar Family Basement

The Edgar family basement has been added to Anvil Square. Players will need to explore the area to discover its secrets.

2. Attack on Titan Decorations

Attack on Titan-themed decorations can now be found throughout the map, including Titan training dummies.

3. Grind Rails at Slappy Shores

Grind rails have been added to Slappy Shores, and it’s expected that more POIs will feature grind rails in future updates.

4. Mega City Expansion

Unfortunately, Mega City has not expanded in this update, leaving players to wait for future developments.

New Mythic Items

1. Signature ODM Gear

The Attack on Titan series’ Signature ODM Gear has been added to Fortnite. This item allows players to traverse the map quickly and unleash devastating attacks. Expect this gear to be particularly popular in Mega City.

2. Thunder Sphere

The Thunder Sphere is a new Mythic item that can be thrown at opponents or structures for sticky explosive damage. Both of these Mythic items can be found as floor loot and in the new Attack on Titan lockers scattered across the map.

Returning Items and Vehicles

1. Dirt Bike

The dirt bike is back in the game, allowing players to perform tricks and speed across the island.

2. Kinetic Blades

Rare versions of Kinetic Blades can now be found around the map. These blades have fewer kinetic dashes than the Epic version but still deal the same amount of damage and zero builds.

3. Port-a-Bunker

The Port-a-Bunker has returned to the loot pool, giving players more options for strategic gameplay.

Weapon Balancing

The Mythic Havoc Pump Shotgun and Mythic Overclock Pulse Rifle have both been nerfed. The pump shotgun has received a headshot damage reduction, while the pulse rifle has seen an accuracy nerf.


This latest Fortnite update brings a variety of exciting new additions and changes for players to enjoy. From the new Mythic items to the return of fan-favorite items and vehicles, there is plenty to explore and experience in the game. As always, Epic Games continues to keep Fortnite fresh and engaging for its player base.