New rewards in the Royal Pass for Clash Royale

With the Royal Pass on Clash Royale, unlock rewards by destroying your opponents’ towers to earn crowns!

Buy the Royal Pass to get many benefits.

Over the course of 35 levels you can earn:

– 1 exclusive tower skin
– 1 golden knight emoticon
– 1 ultimate book (to collect all the cards needed to upgrade a unit)
– 1 magic shield (to cover the cost of upgrading a card)
– 2 chest keys (to open any chest immediately)
– 1 legendary joker
– Epic jokers
– Rare jokers
– Common jokers
– 40,000 gold coins
– 4 exchange tokens
– Season piggy bank (holds up to 25,000 gold coins)

Royal Pass holders will also have access to exclusive challenges, a golden name, and the ability to put chests on hold to unlock them.