Best arena decks 15 on Clash Royale

Here are the best arena 15 decks on Clash Royale, they are the most efficient in arena 15 to climb the ladder quickly.

You will find here a deck that suits you, perfect to win trophies quickly in arena 15!

Pekka Bridge Spam Deck:
– Bandit
– Fireball
– Royal Ghost
– Magic Archer
– Electrosorcerer
– Fighting Ram
– Pekka
– Electrocution

As the name suggests, send the thief, royal ghost and battle ram to the deck to put pressure on your opponent. The other cards will allow you to defend and build powerful counterattacks.

Royal Recruits Hogs Fireball bait deck:
– Barbarian Barrel
– Electrospirit
– Fireball
– Flying Machine
– Goblin Cage
– Royal Pigs
– Royal Recruits
– Electrocutters

This deck is based on the fact that many of its cards are one shot by fireball or area damage. Your goal is to overwhelm your opponent with troops so they can’t defend. Don’t hesitate to send your cards to both lines so that your opponent has trouble defending. You’ll put a lot of pressure on your opponent with this deck and he’ll make mistakes.

Double Elixir Lava Deck:
– Baby Dragon
– Fireball
– Flying Machine
– Goblin Cage
– Inferno Dragon
– Lava Mole
– Lightning
– Valkyrie

Wait for the double elixir to send your push Lava Hound, Flying Machine, Unstoppable Baby Dragon with lightning. Before the double elixir focus on defense, you will have no trouble stopping your enemies’ pushes with this deck.