Fortnite chapter 3 – season 2: Rebellion

Entitled Rebellion, this 20th season of Fortnite Battle Royale is called Rebellion!

The trailer announces the color with tanks, an armored battle bus, new weapons and especially new moves!

There are three main elements to remember in the changes of this new Fortnite season: the speed of players, the ability to climb and the end of construction.

End of building and new shield

Building is no longer possible. To protect yourself, you now have a shield in addition to your HP and your usual shield.
The shield is your first line of defense, it takes hits before your shield and before your HP.

Discover new ways to move in combat:

New weapons

Combat Submachine Gun
Assault rifle

Armored Combat Bus

The Armored Combat Bus looks like a large truck that can take as much damage as a small car. Another advantage of this vehicle is its ability to hold up to six soldiers, allowing you to move around easily in solo mode or play with your friends in squad mode!