Chapter 3 of Fortnite: new weapon, the automatic gun

Behold, as the Battle Royale stage of Fortnite unveils a new cog in its war machinery – an automatic pistol. Sleek yet potent, this contemporary marvel defies traditional firepower norms by spewing out projectiles at a pace that puts even the intimidating machine gun to shame. However, an assault rifle’s reach is still a distant horizon it yearns to touch.

Consider yourself stepping into the arena, clad in your digital battle armor, with the primary aim of survival. Picture the scene – the game unfolds, you uncover this nifty little weapon, surprisingly early. What lies in your grasp now, is an epitome of versatility and an effective ally that’s bound to add a thrilling twist to your survival tale.

From the holster to your hands, arises a close combat contraption that’s been baptized with an apt title – the automatic pistol. A weapon that thrives on proximity yet doesn’t shy away from showing off its prowess across substantial distances. It does so not with single, timid shots, but an unforgiving barrage of metal rain.

Pause and marvel at the quicksilver speed of this beast. Barely takes it 0.7 seconds to breathe between fires, reloading swiftly as if impatient to reenter the fray. It does pay a price for its haste though – in the form of scattered accuracy. Nevertheless, within the span of a heartbeat, it can unleash 16 furious bullets. However, beware! The potency of this mechanical menace varies with the distance it dares to cover.

What you hold, dear player, is a deadly device that’s more than just the sum of its mechanical parts. It houses a magazine boasting of 35 eager bullets, waiting to paint the battleground with chaos. A mere twitch of your fingers, a couple of well-aimed shots to the dome, and behold! You’ve initiated a maelstrom of mayhem. Unleash your rampage; let the Fortnite field echo with the symphony of your victory!