Royal Anniversary Season Pass Rewards

For this season’s Royale Pass 33: “Royal Anniversary“, you’ll need to unlock 70 rewards by earning crowns! If you purchase the Royale Pass you’ll be able to unlock even more unique rewards and perks for Season 21, a special season since March 2 marked the 6-year anniversary of Clash Royale’s release.

For the occasion the “biggest community event” called The Royale Crown Down will run from March 12-24.

Rewards include:

The piñata tower skin and a Love-themed emoticon
1 ultimate book
1 magic shield
2 chest keys
1 legendary joker
Epic jokers
Rare jokers
Common jokers
40,000 gold coins
4 exchange tokens
Seasonal piggy bank

Royal Pass holders also have access to exclusive challenges, a golden name and the ability to put chests on hold to unlock them, and other events during the season!