New mythical weapon coming in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Behold, the Fortnite realm is soon to witness an unforeseen twist. A phoenix in its own right, the Thermal Assault Rifle, once underpowered, is set to rise from its ashes, stronger and more fearsome than ever. Shrouded in awe, this narrative unveils the unveiling of Tuesday’s v19.40 patch, the latest update to Fortnite’s exhilarating battleground.

The clock is ticking, with the new season just over a fortnight away. The anticipation among Fortnite players grows like a wildfire, leaving them on tenterhooks.

A maze of possibilities surrounds the upcoming Season 2, with whispers of a war brewing between the Order and the Seven. Within the game’s coded labyrinth, data seekers have stumbled upon signs of this theme, eliciting a tide of speculation. More than mere map alterations and potential events, the upcoming season signifies the emergence of a dazzling array of new weapons and items.

Delving into the depths of the game’s code, the infamous HYPEX has emerged with a tantalizing revelation. A Thermal Assault Rifle, teased by him previously, is poised to join the forthcoming season’s arsenal. However, HYPEX has not merely confirmed this, but he has also spilled details regarding the standard and mythical versions of the firearm.

The Thermal Assault Rifle’s former iterations pale in comparison to the upgraded beast it’s now set to be. Unlike its predecessors, the revamped weapon boasts of fully automatic operation. Furthermore, the mythical variant of the rifle promises a faster rate of fire than its lesser counterparts.

Anatomy of the Mythical Thermal Assault Rifle:

Damage to Builds: A staggering 39

Clip Size: A manageable 15

Reload Time: A breezy 2 seconds

Player Damage: An impressive 39, coupled with a 2X headshot multiplier

The true strength of this mythical weapon is yet to be determined and witnessed on the battlefield. It has received a mixed bag of opinions from the Fortnite player base. The Thermal Assault Rifle’s long-range damage potential is respectable, but its close-quarter quick kill capacity has been found wanting, limiting its versatility. However, this may be the secret weapon players need to conquer the Storm Surge in competition.

Interestingly, HYPEX also hinted at the potential comeback of the LMG light machine gun. Another polarizing weapon, it had been deemed overpowered by a large fraction of players, primarily due to its massive magazine capacity.

However, the recent changes suggest a more balanced battlefield. The LMG’s accuracy and reload speed have been upgraded, while the magazine size and rate of fire have been curtailed, almost halving and reducing, respectively.

As Season 1 draws to a close, Epic’s consistent release of new content is a testament to their commitment. No doubt, Season 2 will introduce a plethora of tweaks to the classic weapons, ensuring a novel yet familiar experience for players. So, gear up Fortnite warriors, for the battlefield is about to change!