Valorant Lotus Map

Discover the captivating world of Valorant Lotus Map! Immerse yourself in its unique mechanics, compact layout, and three thrilling bomb sites. Choose your agents wisely and embark on a dynamic and strategic adventure.

Step into the immersive world of Valorant’s latest map, the captivating Valorant Lotus Map. In Episode 6 Act 1, this new addition brings unique gameplay mechanics to the table, with its distinct door controls that create a thrilling tactical experience. Not only do these doors add an element of strategy by destroying utility and emitting telltale noises, but they also unlock paths to three enigmatic bomb sites.

From the Hut, A Tree, and A Drop key areas on the A site to the small yet versatile B site with multiple entry points, and the unique geometry and elevated spike planting area on the C site, the Lotus Map keeps players on their toes. To navigate this map successfully, recommended agents include Jett, Raze, KAY/O, Breach, Astra, and Omen, while Killjoy and Chamber shine as the primary Sentinel picks.

Explore the mysterious structure and harness the ancient power within as you embark on thrilling battles in the Valorant Lotus Map.


Introduction to Lotus map

Lotus is an exciting addition to the Valorant map pool, introduced in Episode 6 Act 1. This new map brings a fresh gameplay experience with its unique mechanics and beautifully designed areas. With its compact layout and three bomb sites, Lotus offers a dynamic and fast-paced gameplay that will keep you on your toes.

Unique door mechanics

One of the standout features of the Lotus map is its unique door mechanics. Unlike other maps, Lotus has doors that can be controlled by switches. These switches can be found throughout the map and allow you to open and close the doors as you see fit. The doors not only serve as a means of passage but also play a significant role in gameplay strategy.

When opened, the doors make noise and destroy any utility that may be placed in their path. This creates an interesting dynamic where both attackers and defenders can use the doors strategically to gain an advantage. Whether you’re trying to surprise your opponents or deny their entry, mastering the door mechanics on Lotus is essential for success.

Compact map with three bomb sites

Lotus is a compact map with three bomb sites: A, B, and C. Its smaller size compared to other maps makes for fast-paced and intense gameplay. Each bomb site has its own unique characteristics and challenges, offering a variety of strategies for both attackers and defenders.

With its intriguing design, Lotus provides an enjoyable and thrilling experience for players looking for a dynamic and strategic map to showcase their skills.

Key Areas

Hut in A site

In the A bomb site, the Hut area is a crucial spot for both attackers and defenders. It provides cover and can be used as a defensive position to hold off enemy advances. With proper utilization of smokes and flashes, defenders can effectively control the area and repel attackers. Conversely, attackers can use Hut as a staging ground to set up their strategies and gain control over the site.

A Tree in A site

Another important area in the A bomb site is the A Tree. This spot offers verticality and different angles for both attackers and defenders to work with. As an attacker, you can use the A Tree to gain a vantage point for entry into the site or to scout for enemy positions. Defenders, on the other hand, can use this area to surprise attackers and catch them off guard.

A Drop in A site

The A Drop is a unique feature in the A bomb site. It offers a vertical entrance into the site, providing an alternative route for attackers to exploit. Defenders need to be wary of this area and have proper control to deny enemy advancements. Attackers, on the other hand, can use the A Drop to create distractions or execute clever flanks.

Limited holding positions in B site

Unlike the A bomb site, the B site in Lotus has limited defender holding positions. This means that defenders need to be adaptive and constantly reposition themselves to counter enemy attacks. With fewer spots to hold and defend, communication among teammates becomes crucial for success in the B bomb site. It requires a proactive approach from defenders to stay ahead of the attackers’ strategies.

Multiple entry points in B site

The B bomb site in Lotus offers multiple entry points, making it a challenging area for both attackers and defenders. Attackers can choose from various paths to gain entry, and defenders must be aware of these different angles to effectively hold off enemy advances. Proper coordination and crossfire setups are key to maintaining control over the B site.

Unique geometry in C site

The C bomb site in Lotus boasts unique geometry that adds an extra layer of depth to gameplay. Its intricate design allows for creative strategies and unexpected plays. Attackers can utilize the unique geometry to their advantage, while defenders need to adapt and come up with innovative strategies to hold off enemy attacks.

Elevated spike planting area in C site

One notable feature of the C bomb site is the elevated spike planting area. Attackers can gain an advantage by planting the spike in this elevated position, making it harder for defenders to defuse. This adds an interesting dynamic to the gameplay on the C site, requiring defenders to take calculated risks to retake control.

Recommended Agents


Jett’s mobility and agility make her an excellent choice for the Lotus map. Her ability to quickly rotate between bomb sites and gain advantageous positions can be invaluable for both attackers and defenders. With slippery movement and the ability to dash in and out of engagements, Jett can effectively navigate the tight spaces of Lotus and outmaneuver opponents.


Raze’s explosive abilities make her a formidable choice on the Lotus map. Her explosive packs and ultimate can clear out key areas or force opponents out of cover, creating openings for both attackers and defenders. Raze can also use her Blast Pack to gain access to elevated positions, giving her a strategic advantage in certain areas of the map.


KAY/O’s ability to suppress enemy abilities and reveal their locations is a valuable asset on Lotus. By neutralizing enemy utility and disrupting their strategies, KAY/O can turn the tide of battles in favor of their team. With the ability to shut down enemy agents temporarily and deny their abilities, KAY/O can be a crucial agent for both attackers and defenders on Lotus.


Breach’s crowd control abilities make him a great choice for disrupting enemy defenses or executing coordinated attacks on Lotus. His ability to clear out tight corners and stun opponents can create opportunities for his team to secure bomb sites. Breach’s seismic blast can also punish enemies who rely on positioning near doors, adding an extra layer of strategy to the map.


Astra’s astral abilities can provide valuable control and information gathering on Lotus. Her ability to block off certain areas, create smoke screens, and manipulate gravity can completely change the dynamics of fights. Astra’s global presence and ability to affect multiple areas simultaneously make her a versatile agent for both attackers and defenders.


Omen’s ability to teleport offers great mobility and surprise potential on Lotus. Whether it’s moving around the map, setting up flanks, or escaping dangerous situations, Omen’s teleportation abilities can give him the upper hand. Additionally, Omen’s smokes can be used to block off key sightlines and create opportunities for his team to push or defend bomb sites effectively.

Main Sentinel Picks


Killjoy’s ability to set up defensive traps and lock down areas makes her a strong choice for the Lotus map. Her turret and alarm bot can cover key entry points and alert her team to enemy presence. Additionally, Killjoy’s ultimate can deny an entire bomb site, forcing attackers to either back off or face its devastating effects. By effectively utilizing her utility, Killjoy can provide valuable support for her team’s defensive strategies.


Chamber’s ability to create bulletproof barriers and reveal enemy locations is a great asset on Lotus. His barriers can block off key areas, forcing attackers to find alternate routes. His recon bolt can reveal enemy positions, giving his team valuable information for coordinated defensive plays. Chamber’s ultimate is also a powerful tool that can create chaos and disrupt enemy strategies. With proper utilization of his abilities, Chamber can be a solid pick for defending bomb sites on Lotus.

With its unique mechanics, compact layout, and three bomb sites, Lotus offers a fresh and exciting gameplay experience in Valorant. Whether you’re looking for fast-paced action, intricate strategies, or thrilling engagements, Lotus delivers it all. So gather your team, choose your agents wisely, and dive into the intriguing world of Lotus. Good luck, and enjoy the adventure!