Best 10 arena decks on Clash Royale

Here are the best arena 10 decks on Clash Royale, they are the most efficient in arena 10 to climb the ladder quickly.

You will find here a custom deck, perfect to win trophies quickly in arena 10!

Lava Barbarian Loon Deck :

Lava Hound

Mega Gargoyle
Skeleton Dragons

This air deck is very effective.
The best way to start with this deck is to cycle a zap or place a Gravestone in the middle of your camp to draw opposing troops to it
The goal of this deck is to have a Lava Mole appear in the back and assist it with other troops behind it depending on their reaction.
Attacking at the deck will not be very effective, building big pushes will be much more effective. In defense you can rely on your Mega Gargoyle, Barbarians, Skeleton Dragons and your Fireball.

Log Bait Deck:
Goblin Gang
Goblin Barrel
Tower of Hell
Ice Spirit

This deck is played by many professional players at a very high level. The principle is to send only cards that are one shot by the log so that the opponent can not defend. You can defend all pushes with your Princess, Knight, Goblin Gang, Log and Tower of Hell. Use your rocket to finish his tower at the end of the game or when your opponent’s troops are in the same place to get some value. In attack, the Goblin Barrel and Ice Spirit combo can hurt a lot if your opponent has nothing to defend. Don’t hesitate to place your Princess in the deck to directly hit your opponent’s Tower.

Deck Miner Bats Control:
Ice Golem
Ice Spirit
Ice Wizard
Mini P.E.K.K.A
The Log

As its name suggests, this deck is based on defense, the goal being to defend your opponents’ pushes with all your cards without the miner. The attacks will be able to take place when your defending troops have survived, you will then assist them with a miner or an Ice Golem placed in front of them for tank. The goal is for the opposing tower to take the focus of the miner so that your troops such as the Mini P.E.K.K.A and Bats can take down the opposing tower quickly. Use more Poison in double elixir unless you have a high value in normal elixir.