Best Deck for the Accelerated Tournament on Clash Royale

The Fast Track Tournament challenge is coming to Clash Royale this Sunday, April 24 until Thursday 11am, and if you want to get all the rewards as quickly as possible, you’ll need a solid deck. To help you out, we’ve got 2 meta decks using champions.

Get free rewards up to 7 wins or spend 500 gems to get bigger rewards beyond 15 wins.

Lava Hound Skeleton King Miner Deck
Lava Hound
Flying Machine
Hell Dragon
Skeleton Dragons
Skeleton King

This air deck will punish any opponent who doesn’t have enough to defend your pushes. Defend with the right cards and then send out Lava Mole and Miner to tank and let your troops behind do a lot of damage. Use your tombstone to stall and control your opponent.

Archer Queen Royal Hogs cycle deck
Queen of Archers
Fire Spirit
Royal Package
Royal Pigs

As the name suggests this deck cycles very fast and more so in tournament acceleration. This deck defends very well against fast decks, but will have a bit more trouble against expensive decks such as golem or lava mole. On offense, use your royal pigs followed by earthquake or log depending on your opponent’s deck. The ability of your Queen of Archers is very effective use it at the right time.