Clash Royale: best decks for the Love Forever challenge

The Valentine’s Day challenge requires you to play two cards that fell in love at first sight: Princess and Magic Archer

For only three days, this special Valentine’s Day challenge on Clash Royale will require you to design a deck with these two cards.

It is interesting to play an efficient deck in order to quickly collect all the rewards of the challenge.

2 easy to play decks:

Log Bait Deck
Magic Archer
Goblin Gang
Goblin Barrel
Ice Spirit
The Log

The classic Log Bait, with the Tornado that will help you in this challenge, to group the opposing units to allow the shots of your two cupids.
Victory is easy with the Goblin Barrel. Wait for the opponent to attack to send it to a vulnerable tower.

Deck Spell bait
Magic Archer
The Log
Goblin Barrel
Skeleton Army

Also a fairly standard bait deck, but with a few tricks up its sleeve for this challenge.
The Fireball is a very powerful spell as it will easily destroy the Magic Archer and/or the Princess.
The Tesla Tower placed near the bridge is a good counter to the 2 cupids!

The rewards of the Clash Royale love challenge:

A chest key
2,000 gold coins
A legendary token
3,000 gold coins
A legendary joker