Discover Fade the new nightmare agent of Valorant

Valorant is about to receive a new agent. He is Fade, a shadow master who is the spitting image of The Darkness from the cult video game of the same name.

In a dedicated video posted on YouTube, the developers of this online game revealed some of the special abilities of their new character.

Fade can use an ability called “Ghost Walk”. This will allow him to pass through several objects and enemies without being detected. A skill that should prove to be very useful during duels or skirmishes. Finally, the character will be able to use the ultimate ability Shadow Form. It allows him to become invisible while moving faster and being immune to the effects of the enemy’s abilities. The only drawback is that he can’t shoot during this period.

This impressive character will join Breach and Reyna in a few days on the Valorant servers. It remains to be seen whether this new agent will be able to stand up to the more popular Valorant figures like Omen, Jett or Sage.

Find out exactly what Fade’s skills are:

Haunter (E): Fade is a master of deception. She equips herself with a nightmarish entity in the form of an orb, which she can launch by shooting. The orb falls to the ground after a while, then transforms into a nightmare entity that reveals all nearby enemies. Enemies can destroy this entity by shooting at it. If Fade uses his skill again, the projectile falls earlier than it would have initially.

Capture (A): This skill sends out a nightmarish orb of ink. As it fires, it launches the orb into the air. It quickly falls back to the ground after a set amount of time, causing the ink to explode and create a zone. Prolonged exposure to this zone will cause your enemies to lose their ability to leave by normal means, but they can still be rescued by their teammates. Fade can also reuse this skill; if she does, the projectile will fall earlier than before.

Ranger(C): Fade sends a single, direct-fire projectile that sends the rover in the direction of your crosshairs. Once it hits its target, it will make it myopic. You can hold down the fire button to extend its range or guide it in a particular direction.

Ultimate: Nightfall(X): Fade is the power of fear, harness it and use it to your advantage. When she fires, she sends out a wave of nightmarish energy that can pass through walls. The energy creates a trail to the enemy, and not only disintegrates their HP, but also deafens them.