The Super Witch new legendary temporary hero Clash Royale

Let me spill some beans for you! The tick-tock of the clock has turned the month’s page, unfurling a fresh season of Clash Royale. April, a month chock-full of activity and bustling with life, witnessed Supercell’s game cradle a newborn legendary hero in its arm. Now, brace yourself as the merry month of May promises to be equally, if not more, action-packed.

Amongst the whispers and murmurs in the kingdom, the Super Witch’s power is causing a stir. As if caught in a cosmic dance, she embodies a synthesis of the trinity of witches: the ordinary witch, the witch of the night, and the grandmother of witches. This terrifying amalgam beckons skeletons, bats, and even pigs to do her bidding!

Numerous datamancers have plunged into the heart of this mystery, unraveling the tantalizing theme of the 35th season. Hold your breath! The witch card, a symbol of arcane power, is destined to be spotlighted, celebrated, and revered. However, dear readers, quash your hopes of witnessing the birth of a fresh legendary Witch card. It’s simply not on the cards!

Instead, the folks at Supercell seem to be weaving their magic around a brand-new witch: the Super Witch, no less. It’s rumored that she’s blessed with abilities unique as a snowflake. But worry not! She is endowed with a team ability, a glittering beacon that shall illuminate her path in the heat of battle.


A whisper in the winds this week spoke of a leak revealing the heart of the upcoming Season 35. The Witch card shall be the star, crowned with a temporary glow, a symbol of her destined challenge. Echoing the tale of the Super Lava Mole, the Super Witch shall be a game piece on the map. But beware! Her presence is fleeting, gracing the challenge map only for a limited time.

In the intricate web of Reddit, a certain madmonarch, spilled the beans about the new powerhouse card. The “Super Witch,” as he claims it to be, is one of his cherished favourites. He hints that the card shall see the light of day in challenges, for a brief moment following its birth. She comes at the price of 7 elixirs and needs a mere 2 seconds for training, a fair deal given her unrivaled power.

Bubbling with anticipation, we await the treasures that the new season may unmask. Whispers of new skins, maps, and Tower events have already begun to swirl.

Put your gaming hats on and brace for the Super Witch Crown Challenge! We’re switching to English here!