Neon Valorant Agent

A new agent arrives in VALORANT with Act 1 of Episode 4.
Neon enters the world of VALORANT on January 11, along with the new season.


The Filipino agent, Neon, rushes forward at breakneck speed, releasing large bursts of biomagnetic radiance generated frantically by her body. She dashes after enemies who have no time to prepare and eliminates them as fast as lightning.

E: Superior Speed: Neon increases her speed tenfold, you can use your secondary fire to trigger a slide. The latter reloads every 2 eliminations. Killing an enemy restores part of this skill.

A: Relay Lightning: INSTANTLY fire a bolt of energy that bounces once. Each time it encounters a surface, the lightning bolt electrifies the ground beneath it with a burst of juice.

C: Fast Lane: Throws two lines of energy forward that extend a short distance or until they hit a surface. The lines turn into walls of static electricity that block vision and cause damage to enemies who cross them.

X: (Ultimate) Ultra-Speed: Unleash all of Neon’s power and speed for a short time. Each removal resets its duration.