Clash of Clan February 2022 Update

Emerging like a sunrise on the horizon of gaming was the first Clash of Clans update of 2022. The day was February 16; a day that opened a new chapter for the game, brimming with a plethora of enhancements and remedy for glitches.

A Lifeline, Reinvented: The Extra Life for Heroes

Once upon a time, we strategized, pre-training secondary armies, anticipating our next conquest. Yet, the healing period of our beloved heroes turned into an interlude, an unwanted pause in our momentum. No more, warriors! A new innovation surfaces: Extra Life for Heroes.

Imagine the hero. Victorious but battered, they return to the comfort of the home village. And there, the extra life health turns into the mystical elixir that rejuvenates these stalwarts of battle.

Healing has an order. Heroes, first. When the pulsing life-force of a hero reaches its zenith, the extra life bar awakens its regenerative magic. Consider this – the time it takes for a hero’s extra life to bloom from 0% to 100% equates to the hero’s complete recovery period. There, next to the hero’s HP indicator, a heart icon comes alive, marking the extra life.

And when the heart icon is blazing with a “+1”, know that your hero’s extra life is replenished to its full glory.

A Revamp in Clan User Interface

Clan leaders, co-leaders, witness your reign evolve. See the logged-in duration of your clan members; an approximation, a gauge of their engagement. Delve into a clan’s profile, and witness the power to rearrange the member display sequence.

Each member of your clan, their town hall level proudly portrayed by an icon – another addition to the clan profile. This insignia replaces the antiquated player XP level.

The Balancing Act: Tweaks in Power

Our beloved Electro Dragon’s swift flight quickened from 1.5 to 1.6 squares per second. Airship destruction damage reduced in its intensity from 1000/1200/1400/1400 to 700/800/900/1000 per level.

The catapult, that engine of war, has been metamorphosed. A burst of three instead of a triplet-ball projectile. The damage each attack carries ascended from 675/725/775/825 to 675/750/825/900 per level. Maximum fire DPS falls, from 180/200/220/240 to 120/140/160/180 per level. Yet, fire damage augments with greater alacrity. Regrettably, its lifespan undergoes a slight reduction.

Clan Games and AI Overhaul

When you complete a clan game challenge, anticipate a “New Challenge” button in your completion notification. This button, your gateway to the clan game menu and the selection of a new challenge, irrespective of whether you are in your home village or the builder base.

The Whisper of Music and Sounds

Due to a symphony of requests, you now wield the power to control the volume of music and game sounds. New sliders – your auditory command.

Addressing Glitches: Fixes

No more crashes when you attempt to peruse the clan war history immediately after opening the war log. Now, during the initial game tutorial, the option to cancel building upgrades is deactivated. This prevents players from getting stuck, unable to complete the tutorial. Siege barracks will no longer yield troops on walls during the activation of the tornado trap. Airships will no longer remain stuck in mid-air during a battle near an enemy town hall. And, the Super Dragon information screen will now reflect the correct DPS.