Clash of Clans May 2022 update

While the clan capital is the focus of this update, we will also be introducing some balance changes in the home village.

Balancing Changes

-Level 12 Air Defense – HP increased from 1600 to 1650
-Level 4 Seeker Air Mine – Damage increased from 2400 to 2500
-Builder defensive repair from 55/60 to 60/70 for level 3 and 4 builder huts respectively.
-Level 8 and 9 Super Dragon DPS decreased from 414/448 to 405/429.
Super Dragon attack range reduced by 0.5 tiles.
-Level 4-10 Unicorn’s healing has been reduced from 59/62/65/68/71/74/77 to 58/60/62/64/66/68/70.

Bug fixes and other changes

Fixed an issue where heroes’ pets would sometimes become invisible.
Fixed the animation of the Queen of Archers that could occasionally cause her to flinch before her first attack.
Fixed the graphics of the Bomb Tower that caused troops to be hidden under its crater.
Added more accuracy to the collision detection of balls.
Adjusted the rules for triggering traps so that they do not require units to move
Decreased the gem cost of donating troops without the 1 gem donation perk.
Air troops now take into account the size of target buildings when selecting and attacking targets. For example, 4×4 THs can now be attacked from 0.5 squares further away than before.
Ground troops now take building size into account when selecting the closest targets. Previously, closest targets were determined by the distance to the center point of the building.