Clash of Clans Capital

Capital Raids and Raid Weekends

Capital Raids are epic battles where you can test the power of the entire clan against the enemy capital. The Capital Raid takes place on weekends. RAID weekends are scheduled to start every Friday and end the following Monday. Known collectively as the “Raid Weekend”, clans take part in epic battles to conquer as many districts and capitals as possible, earning capital gold and raid medals as rewards.

Clan leaders and co-leaders can choose whether or not the clan will participate in the raid weekend. Once a clan is registered, at the beginning of the raid weekend, the clan will play against another clan’s capital. However, weekend raids are not a direct one-on-one battle where enemy clans attack your capital. Think of it as a normal multiplayer match that attacks other players’ bases, but does not attack your bases. In the case of a capital attack, the damage remains. This means that if you attack the area and don’t destroy it, your clanmates can pick up where you left off. For example, if you get a 50.2 star on a raid attack and your teammates attack the same area, it will start with a 50.2 star on the scoreboard. Also, traps are not upgraded between attacks. Therefore, all traps triggered by the previous attack will remain triggered. Finally, the spell remains active during the attack after it is cast. For example, if you cast a heel and your companion attacks, that heel will remain on the ground for your companion’s attack.

Throughout the raid weekend, each player will be attacked 5 times. If players manage to destroy a neighborhood, they will receive a unique reward, a bonus attack. You can only get one bonus attack per raid weekend. If you destroy a building, you will generate capital. Only destroyed buildings generate capital. If you are a player destroying a neighborhood, the rest of the army will give you capital (whether you are stationed or not). The total reward is calculated according to the total living space of the army. If your clan manages to completely destroy all neighborhoods, including Capital Peak, your clan can destroy another clan’s capital. At the end of the weekend raid, players who participate in the raid will receive a raid medal based on the area destroyed and how well the area was defended against enemy attacks.

If you enter a weekend raid, you will not be able to participate in any other clan raids until the weekend is over. Matching is based on fund building level.

Clan Capital Battle

Every clan member has access to the troops and spells unlocked in the clan capital, regardless of their level or rank in the town hall. If your clan unlocks a super dragon in the Dragon Bluff district, anyone in your clan can train the super dragon for the battle in the capital. Army and spell levels are determined by the level of the barracks/magic factories in the capital city. Therefore, it is important to coordinate with the clan the best strategy to defeat the different districts. Should I launch the first attack with a pig hunter to create a funnel? Or do you need to be guided by a supermage to remove as much defense as possible so that your clan member can deliver the final blow in a massive ram attack? Heroes from your home village and construction base are not available in the clan capital.

Attacking the Quarter

When attacking an enemy capital, you cannot immediately attack the top of the capital to deliver a decisive blow. Before you can attack the peak of the capital, you must cross and destroy all other quarters. It is difficult for a single player to gain 3 stars in a neighborhood without using all available attacks, so it may be necessary to coordinate multiple players in each neighborhood. Adjustment is essential. As mentioned above, damage to the neighborhood persists between attacks. In other words, the attack resumes where the previous attacker interrupted it. The spell persists for additional attacks after it is cast. The deployment area for units is dynamic depending on how much of the district has been conquered. The staging area may be small at first, but the more areas a district conquers, the larger the staging area and the greater the tactical advantage as the enemy district becomes weaker.

District Friendly Challenges

You will have the opportunity to take the District Buddy Challenge to test your design skills in the Clan Capital. Any Clan member can initiate a District Friendly Challenge, but only one challenge per district can be active at a time. Players who attack the district during the district challenge will use the capital’s army, and your clan mates can continue to attack the district until they get 3 stars. Even the player who initiated the challenge can participate in the attack!

To avoid copying enemy districts and practicing attacks, district challenges are disabled and cannot be launched during weekend raids.

Neighborhood Defense

You can change the layout of the clan capital in the clan capital layout editor. Only your clan leaders and co-leaders are allowed to change the layout of your capital district. Changes made to the layout during the RAID weekend will not take effect until the end of the RAID. Therefore, once the clan has created a capital map, any changes made to the capital map during the raid weekend will not affect the current defensive raid. However, the changes will apply to all future raids. At the end of the raid weekend, your clan will earn raid medals based on the defense’s resistance to enemy attacks. So if your clan has a talented base builder, now is the time to shine! We’ve designed a unique new defensive weapon for your clan’s capital city. Some are familiar, like giant cannons, while others are brand new, like blast bows and rocket artillery. Once you’ve unlocked all your defenses, find out what’s available to your enemies.

-Wall: Everyone knows how a wall works in Clash of Clans, but so does the clan capital. However, DOORS have been introduced for the first time. These hinged walls prevent the clan villagers from jumping over the walls and escaping the invading forces. Defense units cannot jump over the capital walls, but can move through the gates between different plots.

-Cannon: Your basic land defense. It works like a cannon in your home village and builds a base. This is the standard.

-air defense: One of the best defenses against air defense paratroopers. Why waste something good?

-Super Giant Post: Imagine a guard post with a super giant. Now imagine destroying all enemies they dare to venture into their territory. Don’t imagine it anymore. When building a Super Giant Post, Super Giants are a defensive force.

-Super Dragons Post: Where will the super dragons go if they don’t terrorize the sky? To the Super Dragon Post of course! As defensive units, they’ll pour burning destruction from the sky!

-Siege Cart Post:You’d think that firing cannonballs from a moving platform onto a wheel would cause a big recoil. Yeah, we don’t know how it doesn’t fly backwards after each shot either. Just “roll” with it.

Super Wizard Trick: Trick Where to put a group of selfish, lightning-equipped magic users? In their own tower, of course! The collective energy generated by the super wizards is close enough together to power Las Vegas.

-Rocket Artillery: Why shoot rockets when you can shoot a LOT?

-Tower of Hell: Its rays can turn your enemies into gravy.

-Giant Cannon: If you think a giant cannon in a construction base can be destructive, imagine how your enemies feel when there are lots of cannons on the battlefield.

-Mega Tesla: Are you shocked? When you see the hairs on your arm stand up, you know that sparks will soon fly.

-Bomb Tower: A forbidden bowling game. This is what happens when skeletons hit bombs, explosive balls.

-Multi-Mortar: It will be interesting to see how destructive basic defenses are on a much larger battlefield in Capital Raids.

-Bomb Air: Everyone likes balloons on their birthday. But not everyone likes balloons that explode when touched.

-Crusher: Turn your enemies into pancakes and crush their will to attack with these defenses.

-Shock Bow: A giant ballista that inflicts damage with its explosive attacks.

Multi Cannon: A rapid-fire cannon with multiple cannons. More crates = more fun!

-Fast Rockets: Shorter range than the Anti-Aircraft but more powerful.

-Electrocution Traps: Make your enemies perform an electric boogaloo.

-Spear Thrower: Turn air and ground units into spears with the deadly Spear of Disaster.

-Log Trap: Just when you think it’s safe to leave the forest, imagine being handled by a large piece of wood. That’s a shame!

-Mine: What’s yours is yours and what’s mine is mine, unless it’s an explosive mine. In that case, you can have it all to yourself.

-Mega Mine: A big boom.

-Capital Hotel: The Capital Hotel has its own defensive bullet weapon to unleash destruction and confusion on enemy attackers.

Capital terrain

Each district will have its own mechanics based on the topography of the county map.

-Water: Buildings cannot be placed on water and land troops cannot cross water terrain. However, using the freeze spell will create a frozen surface for your troops to cross the frozen water. If a land unit is forced to appear on water terrain, it will automatically be moved to the nearest land point within 2 squares. If there is no land within 2 cells, the generated unit will die instantly. Troops can fly over water.

-Cliffs: The topography of cliffs represents a change in elevation. Therefore, troops on the ground cannot break the topography of the cliff and will have to walk to break it. Troops will be able to fly over the cliffs.

-Bridge: Bridge buildings cannot be placed on a bridge. Ground units will be able to cross a bridge, but clever base builders can take advantage of the narrow passage to create choke points in your defenses to pin enemies down on your defensive damage.