The Forge Clash of Clans

The Forge in Clash of Clans is more than just a building; it’s a game-changer. It allows you to craft magical items that can significantly boost your gameplay. Understanding how to maximize its potential can give you a competitive edge.

Your clan can attempt to conquer another clan’s capital during Raid Weekend. Fight as a clan and earn capital gold to upgrade your capital and raid medals that you can use to buy items in your village. You can even buy reinforcements without waiting for other units to donate! How do I get to the clan capital? The clan capital has access to clan level 2 and above. When your clan reaches this state, it unlocks its ability to travel to the capital. Also, the village must be at City Hall level 6 or higher to enter the capital. Simply click on the airship next to the Builder Baseboat and you’ll be sent into the clouds to a new land far away for the clan to explore!

Mastering Strategy in Clash of Clans: The Importance of the Forge

Types of Items You Can Craft

From Power Potions to Training Potions, the Forge offers a variety of items. Each serves a unique purpose, whether it’s speeding up troop training or enhancing your heroes for a limited time.

The Forge Clash of Clans
The Forge Clash of Clans

Resource Management

Crafting items in the Forge requires resources. Elixir, Dark Elixir, and Magic Items are commonly used. Efficient resource management can help you craft more potent items, thereby elevating your game.

Strategic Crafting

Not all items are created equal. Knowing when to craft specific items can be the difference between victory and defeat. For instance, using a Power Potion before a Clan War can give your troops the upper hand.

Forge Upgrades

Upgrading your Forge allows you to craft more advanced items. Each upgrade level unlocks new possibilities, making it essential to prioritize Forge upgrades in your overall strategy.

The Role of Clan Games and Events

Clan Games and special events often provide Magic Items as rewards. These can be used in the Forge for crafting, so participating in these activities is beneficial.

Forge and Clan Synergy

A well-coordinated clan can make the most out of the Forge. By pooling resources and crafting items that benefit the entire clan, you can dominate Clan Wars and Clan War Leagues.

District of the capital

The clan capital is divided into several districts. Leveling up Capital Peak, the highest district in Clan Capital, unlocks each district. At the center of the Capital Peak is the Capital Hall. This is the “city hall” of the Picdera capital. Upgrading the main hall will increase the maximum level of other districts and buildings. However, you can only raise the level of a capital room after you have upgraded enough districts to meet the level requirements of the next capital room. The center of each district is the district hall. It is functionally equivalent to your village hall. District hotels can be upgraded with Capital Gold, and the level of buildings in the area is determined by the level of the district hotel. The higher the level of the hotels in a district, the more buildings you can upgrade in that district.

Capital Gold

This update introduces two new resources, Capital Gold and Raid Medal. Capital Gold is a brand new currency needed to restore ruins and upgrade buildings in the capital. When you unlock a new area, you will find that the newly unlocked area is covered in ancient ruins instead of buying buildings, walls, defenses, traps, etc. By using the capital gold on these ruins, you can build capital-specific buildings and defenses. Upgrading your capital with Clan Gold is instantaneous, with no upgrade time!

How do you earn the Capital’s gold?

The Forge Clash of Clans

The Forge is a brand new building unlocked on level 6 of the town hall. There is a forge next to the airship, which takes you to the clan capital. This structure allows you to create and collect a small amount of Capital Gold each day, a resource needed to upgrade a building in the capital. In addition, high-level players in the town hall can assign Master Builders to trade Capital Gold resources from Home Village and Builder Base. In addition, builder bonuses from gold passes and builder potions will speed up and reduce the time needed to create Capital Gold in Forge. You can also use gems to make capital conversions in progress.

The Forge Clash of Clans
The Forge Clash of Clans

Raid Weekend in the Capital

Capital Gold and Raid Medal are two new monetary rewards for participating in the Capital Raid Clan.

Season challenges and special events

Capital Gold is a brand new resource, so make sure you have a way to earn Capital Gold through seasonal challenges and other events.

Main Building Upgrade

When you visit the clan capital, there are no stores where you can buy buildings, defenses, traps, etc. Most of the available and upgradable buildings start as moss-covered ruins. All ruins are displayed in each neighborhood and indicate the type of building that will be unlocked when the ruins are restored. A new type of barracks that unlocks certain troops, or a new main defense that strengthens the clan’s vast area. protect . Some ruins can even unlock moving decorations! The more you give to the Clan Fund, the more you will be rewarded with a new XP system called Reputation. This way you can find out who has contributed the most to the Clan Fund. Players can donate the amount of their gold capital. Great Builder will upgrade the building as soon as it reaches the required amount. However, keep in mind that the Gold Pass Builder Bonus does not reduce the price of Gold Capital for restoring the ruins and upgrading the clan headquarters.

Raid Medal

RAID medals are the second new currency introduced in the Clan Capital update. These medals can be earned by participating in Raid Capital, which will be explained later. Raid medals are earned at the end of the raid. The number of medals you earn depends on the number of quarters destroyed and the ability of your capital to protect you from enemy attacks.

The Forge Clash of Clans
Raid Medal

The Trader

In the Clan Capital update, we have improved the Trader and the goods he offers for sale. All players in a clan will see the same items on sale at the same time, with the offers changing every Tuesday. You will be able to buy more items with gems or spend your saved raid medals to buy items offered by the Trader, whether they are resources or magic items! Purchasing items on sale with raid medals will subtract the amount of raid medals from your collection.

Clan Castle Donations

Are you tired of waiting for your reinforcement request to be fulfilled? Or maybe no one in your clan has activated the Super Troop you need? Well, we have a solution for you! You can now use your registered raid medals to donate to the clan’s castle unit. Do you need specific units, super units, spells or even siege weapons! The cost of a raid medal is based on the level of the unit, spell or siege weapon requested. If you make a personal donation using a raid medal, your request will be accepted at the maximum level allowed. To access this self-donation screen, click the new button when the donated army touches the clan castle or the clan banner next to the merchant. At this point you may be wondering…

What will happen to my rewards if I get kicked out or leave the clan after making an attack?

If you leave the clan before the end of the raid weekend, you will still receive the capital gold you earned from the raid weekend attacks. You will also receive the rewards of your former Clan that completely destroyed districts or the entire enemy capital, even if you weren’t there when they did.

The Forge in Clash of Clans is not to be overlooked. Its strategic importance is paramount, offering a plethora of crafting options that can tip the scales in your favor. Mastering the Forge is mastering a crucial aspect of the game.

By understanding its mechanics and making smart crafting choices, you can elevate your Clash of Clans experience to new heights. So, the next time you log in, don’t just pass by your Forge—utilize it to its full potential.