Clash Royale: Royal tournament deck until February 22

The empyrean kingdom of Clash Royale unfurls the canvas for an invigorating tournament, a battlefield for the audacious and cunning, brimming with tantalizing rewards that will certainly titillate the taste buds of every virtuoso player.

Alluring the ardent players, the Battle Pass further escalates the prize bounty, opening the floodgates of plentiful rewards, placing the glory just within the grasp of the stalwart.

The upcoming challenge stands toweringly, stretching its arms from the frigid morning of Friday, the 18th of February to the twilight of Tuesday, the 22nd. The treasure at the end of the rainbow for this brief, yet intense challenge? An emoticon that sings the tales of your victory and a whopping treasure trove of 100,000 gold coins! This grandeur is exclusive to the remarkable champions who surmount the steep mountain of leaderboard, etching their names in the top hundred.

Let’s diverge your attention towards an arsenal of ingenious decks that can be your loyal companions, guiding you towards that elusive victory. Don’t just defeat your foes, decimate them.

Behold, the Splash Yard Deck, a dynamic concoction of versatility and potency. The valiant Valkyrie leads the charge, followed closely by the elusive graveyard. Swooping through the skies, the baby dragon provides aerial support, while a second graveyard further bolsters your forces. The tombstone spawns an endless horde of skeletons, the barbarian barrel smashes through enemy lines, and the poison corrodes any resistance. The whirlwind of the tornado completes the ensemble, leaving your adversaries in disarray.

Next in line, the Archer Queen Bridge Spam deck. This deck features the sharpshooting Queen of Archers and the lightning-fast Bandit, alongside the forceful barbarian barrel and the evasive royal ghost. Adding a pinch of vitality is the healing spirit, juxtaposed with the sorcery of the magic archer. The Battle Ram and Elite Barbarians form the vanguard, a formidable frontline that shatters any opponent.

Lastly, the sky-scraping Lava Hound Balloon deck. The Balloon provides destructive aerial force, the Fireball scorches enemies, and the guards form a protective barrier. The mighty Lava Hound acts as the airborne juggernaut, aided by the Mega Minion. The duo of Skeleton Dragons add an extra sting to the offense, while the tombstone summons skeletal minions. Finally, the swift ‘zap’ spell in English seals the fate of your enemies.

In conclusion, this Clash Royale Tournament, a grand theater of strategy and skill, awaits your dominance. Strategize, deploy, and conquer. The kingdom and its bountiful rewards await your reign.